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Blacklight Ink

Blacklight Inks are nothing new. They've been around since the early 2000's. If they were a problem, they'd be off the shelves by now.There are two types of UV ink, One is the type in the picture, it's an actual color that can be seen by day and will glow various shades under blacklight. The other is a whitish/greenish color that is somewhat invisible by day and bright when nearby a blacklight lamp/
While I don't have any UV tattoo ink on my body I have given given enough UV tats to know a few things:

  • They are harder to implant as the consistency is somewhat thinner than regular tattoo pigments.
  • You need a blacklight lamp close by if you're using UV ink to see when ink saturation is complete.
  • They don't last in the skin as long as regular tattoo pigments.

* Warning: They aren't approved by the FDA, but then again, NO tattoo ink is.

Mini Ink Mixer

This is one of those professional tattoo supplies that I can't live without. I'm sick of looking around the shop for the box of toothpicks to mix my pigments. I'm sick of swirling the loop end of a new needle to swish 2 colors together. I'm also sick of the colors needing about 1-2 minutes of stirring to fully blend together.  

This little baby mixes your colors together in less than 30 seconds! I can't understand why I don't see more artists use them. 

What the manufacturer says about the product:

This product is for tattoo use.

2 AA 1.5V batteries are needed (not included in the package)

An efficient way to mix colors together by pressing the button

Sticks are only one time use

Material: Plastic and stainless steel

* We have found that the mixing stick is autoclavable.

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