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Francesco Carella

  I sat down with my friend Francesco Carella today and we talked about what got him into tattooing. He’s from Grenoble, France and is an amazing animal advocate….so I guess it’s no wonder he loves to tattoo their images.   

Q: When did you begin sticking people with needles? 

A: At the end of 2016 I jumped in.  


Q: Why??? 

A: I always enjoyed creation, drawing, illustration.  Tattooing is today’s form of art that allows you to combine all trends, and especially to produce original creations.
Someone entrusts you with his one and only skin, and that can’t make me more proud and respectful toward my customer. I have to put out my best.  


Q: What do you like best about tattooing?  

A: Meeting people and the creation process. I enjoy spending time with people. Making them suffer, (lol) allows us to share a kind of new dimension in connection where we talk, laugh, and share sincere moments.

Q: What do you dislike the most about tattooing? 

A: I’m a bit fed up with tattoo artists who believe they are the best in the planet. There is sometimes a little arrogance in this job.  Also, I’m not really happy when a customer comes in with a big group of friends to assist him or her. If they start talking together making my customer moving then, I need to show authority.
This prevents me from establishing the connection that allows me to feel for my customer and get to know them.   

Q: Who is your tattoo inspiration? 

A: Nature, animals, all life is giving me inspiration.
Sometimes I look for a mandala sample, forgetting I just have to spend some time on one tree leaf that I have under my foot.

Q: What style do you prefer to tattoo?  

A: I love to tattoo animal images. Whatever the style, I’m receptive to the vibration. I always feel lucky if I get to make light, colorful tattoos.
Realistic Tattoo are maybe my favorite... I’d like to improve in that direction. Maori are always nice to do too.
With experience I wish to find my own style, taking from any kind of creative influence , not only from tattoo art, but from painters, sculptors.
I believe that Eyes and Hands are tools God gave us, whatever the technical skill, we need to put our heart in and to love our subject.  

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