Up-To-Date List of Tattoo Schools Online


Tattoo schools are often not an appreciated method of tattoo technique learning. Most shops hiring prefer someone who has completed a traditional apprenticeship.

Nonetheless, here are some things to consider before you commit to a tattoo school's tuition:

Does the School Have Education Dept. Approval?

Does Training Include BBP Certification?

Will You Receive Your Tattoo Licensure Upon Completion In That State?

What is Included with Tuition?

What Does the Instructors Work Look Like?

Will You Be Practicing on Live Models?

Is Job Placement an Option?

Tattoo Schools Online

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World's Only Tattoo School 

(http://tattoo-school.com/) Since 1968, The World’s Only Tattoo School is dedicated to providing professional, hands-on training in a fun, interactive classroom. They offer 2-week tattoo and piercing programs.

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Tattoo Learning Center - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes are offered through our Tattoo Schools Online Training program. 518-428-4271

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Brooklyn Tattoo Apprenticeship formerly: The Academy of Responsible Tattooing ( https://tattooschool.com/about-a-r-t/) operates out of various tattoo studios. (Body Art And Soul Tattoos). They have locations in Brooklyn, Jersey City, Los Angeles, & Philadelphia.

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Master Tattoo Institute (http://www.mastertattooinstitute.com/) is located in Miami Beach, Florida. They offer a 6-week tattoo program.

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Fakir Intensives Body Piercing and Branding Classes (https://www.fakir.org/classes/) 1-week basic and advanced piercing courses available.

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Tattoo School Training Courses Bangkok  (http://tattoo-school-thailand.com/) This tattoo school is relatively new. They accept up to 5 students at a time. Courses range from 2-6 weeks.

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UK Official Tattoo Academy https://www.ukofficialtattooacademy.co.uk/

Each tattoo course consists of theory and practical lessons including setting up needles and skin preparation to actually carrying out different tattoos on live models.

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Milano Tattoo & Piercing School http://www.tattooschoolmilano.com/