Tattoo Removal without Lasers!

Tattoo Links You Can't Live Without

How To Make Ambigrams

Go to: and type in your words. An amazing site we've been using for YEARS.

Fonts All Day Long

Go to: for EVERY font that is worth using. They have thousands to choose from.

Tattoo Tips and Tricks

Tattoo Business Planning

Everyone who dreams of making their living in the Body Art world needs a business plan. Business plans are a way to keep your vision, as well as finances, organized and on track. They are a tool to keep you focused on your goals and prepared financially....

Stencil Making

I think there are as many ways to make a stencil as there are shades of ink.   Everybody has their own method. Some artists use thermal heat copy machines to make the stencil for them, some draw their design directly onto the skin with skin markers and most use the popular method of hand tracing designs directly onto thermal copy paper.   We’ve used all the methods listed above and find they all have their pro’s and con’s.....  

Avoiding Tattoo Burn-Out

Tattoo “burn-out” comes easily and staying artistically inspired can be a challenge. Try some of these tips to get your mojo back: 


  • Find a trusting body that will allow you complete artistic freedom. Tattoo a piece on them that you have always dreamed of doing. Get out of your comfort zone and experiment with new techniques. You may have to do it for free but trust me, the reward is worth it...

Social Media For Tattoo Artists


How do I use social media for my tattoo business? 

I’m gonna get right to the point: if your tattoo business isn’t google-able, you’re a dummy! Or lazy. Or both!

Most artists I know are well versed in the latest machines and inks and thirst desperately for any tidbits of info that come their way. They often scour the internet, late at night, for a new YouTube video that might offer a tattoo hint or secret. They are on their game overall, except when it comes to marketing themselves....